Donetsk regional federation of hand to hand fighting

Donetsk regional federation of hand to hand fighting ( DRFHHF ) registered in 2002 and is the official representative of the National Federation of hand to hand fighting. Since 2006, Andrey Alyosha became President of the Federation Andrey Alyosha and constant partner - Financial and Industrial Corporation «DMS». During this time, won the title of best DRFHHF in Ukraine and the right to be represented at international competitions in the national team the greatest number. DRFHHF 2007 implementing the program" Knowledge, Health, Strength", in which the free section and work in schools of Donetsk.

7 years with the continued support of Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS in Donetsk schools operate free section on fighting. Initiative - to create schools in Donetsk at the section where the children will be free to engage in sports, belongs to the deputy of Donetsk City Council, President of the Donetsk regional federations fighting Andrei Alyosha.

Now the sections involved more than 500 children. Train their young coach, including the master of sports and champions of Ukraine, Europe and the world in unarmed combat and martial arts. Thanks to the financial support of the Donetsk city council deputy Andrei Alyosha, all sections provided with the necessary sports equipment. All schools are equipped gyms tatami purchased sports equipment for young athletes on the equipment.

In addition to training in the schools of Donetsk, Donetsk regional federation spends on fighting tournaments, which prepare athletes to compete at the regional level.

Thanks to the support of Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS, to the best athletes DRFHHF regularly organizes various activities: hiking on the ice rink, cinema, circus. All this further consolidates guys.

Donetsk regional federation melee working to increase the number of free sections in schools of Donetsk. However, not all schools in the city have the technical possibility of organizing such sections.

Schools Donetsk, which organized free section on fighting:

1. School № 106, Petrovskiy district, st. Petrovskiy, 255.

2. Economic lyceum "Leader" № 22, Voroshilovskiy district, st. Green, 1.

3. School № 57 - Kievskiy district, st .Yasnopolyanskaya, 3

4 . School №  40 - st. Klenow, 1a.

5.Donetsk lyceum № 71 - st. Narva, 9.

6. School in village Maryanovska - Starobeshevskiy district, st. Mira, 13.

7. School  № 110 - Petrovskiy district, st . Vuglegirska 1.

8. School № 114 - Petrovskiy district, st . Stakhanov 8.

9. School № 138 - Proletarskiy district, st . Makeevskaya 4 .

10. School  № 9 - Voroshilovskiy district, st. 50-letiya USSR 104.