Orphanage № 1 in Kuybishev district, Donetsk

Care of orphanage is an essential part of large-scaled social activity of FIC "DMS". The main objective in given trend of our activity is not only to support children's home with money but also to attract more people's attention to orphan's life problems. It is gained with the help of charitable activity of many organizations and private persons who are our real friends. By means of their help they prove that every child must be cared and protected.More than 10 years, Andrey Alyosha gives support to every orphanage personnel initiative aimed to improve children's living conditions, qualitative organization of their spare time and rehabilitation during the summer holidays.

Orphanage № 1 was opened in Donetsk since 1973. For last years, given institution, which for the time of its 36-years of experience became a real home for thousands of small citizens in Donetsk, is in charge of talented educator Raisa Andreevna Pylypko. Her team consists of 52 professionally skilled and kind-hearted employees which are infinitely devoted to their common course. Their main objective is to provide happy and full childhood for their loving intimates - babies from 3 till 7 years old.