Social capital

The basis of our business is the responsibility and compliance with the best international economic and social standards. Guided by these principles in the work, the team of Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS contributes to the strengthening of the economic potential of the Donetsk region and Ukraine, and increase of people's welfare,the solution of social problems of people. 

Creating new jobs for specialists in various sectors of the economy, improving workplace safety, the implementation of programs in the health sector, providing decent wages and favorable conditions for the implementation of the professional potential, investment in our employees’ training – is a part of the DMS corporate philosophy. 

Maintaining the ecological balance, creation of environmentally friendly manufactures and implementation of investment programs contributing to the development of alternative, non-polluting technologies for producing fuel and electricity all this belong to our priorities. 

Assistance to territorial communities in solving everyday problems, support of social initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life - all these activities are the basis of a DMS constructive relationship with residents of Donetsk region and Ukraine in general. 

Corporation’s charitable activity is an important component of DMS management system, the company's mission and its business strategy. DMS Financial and Industrial Corporation Enterprises create their own and support existing social projects in Donetsk and Donetsk region. Today system work is carried out in two main areas: promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle among children, adolescents and youth, as well as assistance to orphans.

Social Programs of Corporation

Orphanage № 1 in Kuybishev district, Donetsk Donetsk regional federation of hand to hand fighting