The Corporation's mission - to give  working people and theіr families confidence in the future.The DMS strives to bring tangible social benefits, make people's live better, filled with new opportunities. We work hard to make people in the regions and in Ukraine wealthy and happy being surrounded by the care and attention of their children. We aim at the work of Ukrainian and foreign investors who are confident in the potential of the region and its people.

Protection of those populations that are most in need, help orphans, people with disabilities, veterans, pensioners, support athletes - this is our position.We aim at the support and development of existing social programs in the areas of the nation's health, cultural heritage, education, as well as providing targeted assistance to those who really need it. 

The Corporation has a reputation of a partner who always keeps his word. DMS invests in the development of existing manufactures, expansion of business, commercial building assets, development of innovative production , improvement of the final product and its conformity with international quality standards at the expense of the regularity and consistency in the implementation of our plans.