Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS was established in 2007. Enterprises of Corporation had 10 years of experience in various segments of the regional and national markets: metallurgy, coal, outdoor advertising, in the provision of transport services and comprehensive business protection, agriculture and winemaking, construction, implementation and management of real estate in Donetsk and other cities of Ukraine.

Today, the Corporation consists of more than 30 companies that confidently develop the energy market and the sector of agriculture and winemaking, the real estate market of Donetsk and regions, areas of production of alternative fuels, the collection and recycling of household waste, provide debt collection and financial services, manufacture industrial equipment, provide mining operations.

First companies, which subsequently merged into the Corporation, appeared at the turn of the 1990s-2000. In 1998 - on the metal market and coal, a little bit later - in the field of security services. 

Since 2003, the outdoor advertising company "Media Boards of Ukraine" adevelops. Today it is among the 10 largest national operators in Ukraine. Since 2011, OOO " Media Boards of Ukraine " occupies 8th place of the 10 largest national operators in Ukraine and 1st place in the Donetsk region in the segment of network structures format * 3 to 6 meters.

Since 2005 professional construction began to be implemented by «Ukrbilding Corporation» Co Ltd. Today the company is the partner of the Donetsk City Council in the implementation of projects on social and transport infrastructure construction and is the region's leader in social housing, supplementing the segment of Donetsk residential real estate with qualitative and affordable new buildings.

In 2007,to optimize the business and management, to create the synergistic effect DMS was formed. And Andrey Alyosha became  the President of the Corporation. In the same time the Corporation built a new DMS office.

In 2008, "Ukrbuilding Corporation" took fourth building market of Donetsk. And since then firmly holds deservedly won positions. 

Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS confidently holds the leadership position in its traditional industries. Gained business experience allows not only to form programs to attract investments in the real sector of the economy of the Donetsk region and Ukraine, but also to prepare a bridgehead for foreign markets penetration.

The history of Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS - is the history of people, who creating their own business, have formed a market in the independent Ukraine in the period of the young state of the economy. We turned into independent business units, creating real manufactures, while the forces and ideas of entrepreneurs were just beginning to focus around the strategic objectives. 

Since 2013, the Corporation is working in the agricultural sector, primarily engaged Viniculture and winemaking.

Employees of the Corporation form the team of, united, motivated, responsible like-minded people owing to whom, DMS becomes influential member of national socio-economic processes and reliable partner for international business cooperation.