Co Ltd “Shkval”

Security agency Co Ltd “Shkval” (operates under license of MIA of Ukraine AV № 325034 from 20.03.2007 y.) - a diversified company that provides services in the field of integrated security protection of objects, transporting of material assets , protection of public and private facilities, support of cargoes and protection against raider attacks. Co Ltd “Shkval” specializes in the protection of large industrial facilities, as well as providing comprehensive survey of the buildings, facilities and information systems to detect unauthorized removal of information resources. The agency was founded in 2005 and today provides services in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia regions and the Crimea. Gaining of trust in the field of private security services has become a key to the success of Co Ltd “Shkval” from the very beginning.

Over 60% of the agency's clients use its services on a permanent basis. The basis of the effective activity of the enterprise is professionalism, high analytical skills of employees, effective cooperation with law enforcement, fast problem solving and the use of the latest technological developments in the field of protection.

“Shkval’s” staff - a professionally trained, do not have bad habits, physically strong, licensed employees with high professional skills and experience, past military service, as well as training in special educational centers of security activity. Basis of high availability of personnel to perform service tasks are regular classes to raise the professional level of training and sports.

At the request of the Customer  "Shkval " carries out security activities with the use of special means of active (gas, gas pistols and shock) and passive (helmets , body armor) defense, communications, as well as with the automotive and air equipment. In the short term, the agency plans to implement security control room facilities using patrols and rapid response teams.

Professionalism, excellent reputation, reliability, confidentiality, reasonable prices - thanks to these principles, Co Ltd “Shkval” successfully operates in the market of safety, constantly expanding its customer network.