"Eco -UNION " Co Ltd

Founded in 2007 with a view to exploring the production and use of CDR alternative fuel and other products of solid waste disposal. Commissioned by "Eco -UNION" Co Ltd a number of fundamental researches was conducted by leading Kharkov and Kiev institutes, the results of which form the basis of the investment project. The purpose of the project is the formation of environmentally friendly waste recycling system in Ukraine, namely the creation of conditions that contribute to the complete collection, transportation, recycling, destruction and disposal of solid waste, industrial and hazardous waste, as well as limiting their negative impact on the environment and people’s health.

The solution to this problem is supposed to be accomplished by the construction and launch of waste recycling plants in Mykolayiv, Donetsk and Lviv, and then in other regions of Ukraine.

SDW processing will provide alternative fuel CDR, as well as additional products for use in the production of clinker in cement factories.

Today the company has a special platform in the Mykolaiv region, located in the industrial zone. Integral property complex with required for the production of waste processing buildings with total area of ​​10 thousand square meters occupies 24 hectares. Investment attraction will allow the beginning of MSW processing, which will give "Eco -UNION" an opportunity to become a strategic supplier of fuel to nearby cement plants.