Subsidiary CC "Trust Donbasstransstroy"

The enterprise is a part of the financial and industrial corporation DMS from January 2008. Krasnolimanskiy sandpit carries out mortar sand extraction in an open way (mountain) and the method of hydraulic fill (alluvial ). There are two sand sources’ areas – Severo-Vostochny and Krasnolimanskoe – 1. The deposit is within the boundaries of the "Special permition for subsoil use."Mining lease area career - more than 200 hectares, the existing land allotment area - 50 hectares.

Sand reserves in the North- East of the plot is 792 thousand m3 , on Krasnolimansky - I deposit - 2 000.0 thousand m3. Sands comply with state standards DSTU B (Dense natural sand for building materials, products, structures and works. Specifications) V.2.7 -32- 95, DBN B.1.4 - 2.01.-97, GOST 8735-88, GOST 22552.2-93.

Fine-grained sands, slightly clayey. The module size varies from 0.8 to 1.3. The amount of clay dust parts is 1.4 - 2.2%. In the mineralogical sand content quartz dominats (94-98 %). Volumetric sand weight is 1.36 - 1.52 t/m3. Construction and alluvial sand refers to the first class of application and can be used without restrictions.

Delivery of sand is made ​​by rail, by road.