Media Boards of Ukraine

Advertising agency "Media Boards of Ukraine" - the national operator of outdoor advertising. The company has a strong network of advertising surfaces on the south-east of Ukraine - Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporozhye and Dnipropetrovsk regions, as well as in the Crimea and in the regional centers of the Central Ukraine.

To date, targeted program Co Ltd "Media Boards of Ukraine" presented 1300 advertisement planes throughout Ukraine, however, the Agency does not stop there. In the short term - a massive nationwide increase in the number of advertisements.

Co Ltd "Media Boards of Ukraine" occupy 8th place among 10  largest national operators in Ukraine and 1st place in the Donetsk region in the segment of network structures Format 3 * 6m. 

Strategy Development Agency meets modern trends of outdoor advertising, and its proven effectiveness obliges the company to form a successful operator performance standards. Specialists' work means efficiency, responsiveness and originality, individual approach to creating campaigns, not deceiving wildest expectations.

Agency places its ads on big boards, city-lights, flexes, prizmathrons, backlights and other advertising structures, forming original, creative and economically viable advertising concepts, to ensure the effectiveness of advertising. 

The main activity of Co Ltd "Media Boards of Ukraine" - is outdoor advertising. Besides, Co Ltd "Media Boards of Ukraine" provides the following services:

-media buying - advertising in any settlement of Ukraine on competitive terms; 

- advertising design (big boards, city lights, backlights, flexes). 

Competitive advantages of Co Ltd "Media Boards of Ukraine." 

1. Stability - on the market since 2005. 

2. Trust for leading advertising campaigns from individuals and from multinational companies. The clients of "Media Board of Ukraine" are the media group “Group M”, «ADV», «OMD» etc., as well as multinational companies Comfy, LG, Praktiker, Intertop, Metro etc.

3. Prompt execution of the order: 3 days upon attachment is 2 days for a photo report, beside they take into account the individual needs of a customer.

4. Staff experience in the outdoor advertising is more than 10 years.

5. Own brigade of pasters and the appropriate equipment.

6. Monitoring system of the quality of services (2 times a week carried advertisements detours).

7. The GPS monitoring system that can control the activity of prisms and resolving deficiencies in prismathrons. (

8. Providing a tax credit.

9. LED illuminated advertising structures.

10. Participation in the project "Doors Consulting. Boards of "Media Boards of Ukraine"  are included in the database of analyst company that provides an independent assessment of the effectiveness of the customer placing advertisements and ongoing monitoring of the quality of provided services.